Mantles are engineers who can mould their soul, splitting it into two layers, and submerging a piece of machinery within the outer one, and in that process create your own Machine, an offshoot of your Self sustained by your tender care. It loves you as its progenitor. But can it really trust you?

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We Are Impregnated By Ideas

Fanaticism is by many perceived to be loss of one’s ego in subservience to An Idea. This is often overlooked as “just a simplification of the world that makes enough sense to tingle our pigeonhole-operated minds.” Oh how close to the truth they are.

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Indomitable Realities

A setting designed to let you, the GM, go nuts with ideas and place them anywhere, while also letting your players ponder profound philosophical questions, and get confused in at least three different ways at once, hopefully one of which being “a good way.”

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Seeing Magic

Glimpsing the sublime through the everyday. This here marks the start of what hopefully turns out to be my delightful little adventure through the blogosphere, and for that occasion, I think introductions are in order. Not so much me introducing myself, as I do not think of myself as interesting enough to demand introduction, but […]

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